About Us

Meet The Team

For years we've bonded over a simple, common interest; to build the things we wish to see in the world. For our clients and ourselves, we put every ounce of our experience and talent into out work.

Who We Are.

We're creators, people that are obsessed with bringing ideas to life. We're music enthusiasts, movie buffs, constant explorers and huge nerds. We can geek out with you over electric skateboards, Game of Thrones fan theories or pixel perfect design.

What We Do.

Rather than generalists, we're specialists. We build products in areas where we have domain knowledge or can lend a strong sense of empathy. We test our work with real users, collaborate with our clients daily and always hit our goals. It's kind of our thing.

Why We Do It.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We believe that to our very core. We were tired of seeing brands charged tens of thousands of dollars for work that was ineffective or stale. We set out to build the best brands and products for the best people.

One Part Designer; One Part Engineer.

Hunter Hammonds

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Hunter's passion for design began at a young age and has been honed over the years after countless projects. After running a multiple companies Hunter's business acumen has evolved, establishing him as a pragmatic operator.

Obssessed with minimal, clean design, Hunter is a huge proponent of vector art, using Sketch exclusively after he ended his long affair with Adobe products.

Austin Cameron

Chief Engineer, Co-Founder

Austin has been hacking things since highschool, getting his entreprenurial start hustling games to classmates on a TI83 Calculator. After a long stint designing & building mobile games, Austin shifted his focus to larger scale products that are device agnostic. Austin's skills allow him to use most any language necessary to complete a project, but his true love has always been PHP.

He also still argues that they should bring back the Palm Pre and WebOS. We tend to agree.