A New Approach To Mens Content

We challenged ourselves to rethink the way online content should look.

The Pitch

As part of our mission at Elevate Labs we build a new product for ourselves every 6-weeks. After our success with growing Impulcity, we decided to launch a much larger content brand and truly push our own ideas of how content should exist online.

Creating content for the modern man seemed like an obvious demographic to target. Most mens content brands cater to upscale clothing options or dating advice. Our goal at Elevate was to create intelligent, lifestyle content for the modern man with a thirst for adventure and opinionated debate.

Exploring Our Process

Each time we enter the 6-week sprint of building a product for ourselves, we like to challenge our own ideas of process. Sometimes operating as a two-man team, we have many freedoms in the way we like to create development ready assets. For Elevate we decided to use our extensive domain knowledge to power through design and avoid the prototyping and user-testing we always do for our clients.

Designing the final version of the site in just 4 days we were able to jump straight into development and put our ideas to the test in their final form. Considering the responsive demands of such a complex layout, we were more than happy with the results.

Understanding the key areas of interest among millennial guys.

We identified an overwhelming desire for intelligent content that was aspiration, yet not too far out of reach. We settled on the topics of Gear, Adventure, Culture, Entertainment and Eat & Drink.


Deciding on a responsive layout optimized for any screen.

Our goal was to provide a full-screen experience optimized for all devices. We finally decided upon a 4-colum experience, providing optimal layout variations.


Building a CMS optimized for adaptive layouts.

We heavily modified WordPress for it's familiarity with bloggers and it's ease of use. Using multiple custom post types, creating custom plugins and article embeds, we were able to have a robust system in a fraction of the time.

The End Results

Just over two weeks after the completion of design, we had a completed web platform ready to be filled with content. Our goal was to create a new model for freelance writers with a simple pitch; write for Elevate and receive a reasonable portion of ad revenue from your articles.

As we're just launching Elevate, we'll be updating this case study over the coming months with data around the success of the project as well as future iterations.

The Home Page

Opting for a four-column design, we had a ton of room for variable post types and layouts. The end result is a stunning home page with a design that gets out of the way and brings content to the forefront.

With large category dividers to break up the differing content sections, we're able to keep things interesting but familiar.

Large Display Article Pages

Centered content and elegant image layouts. Our goal was to bring the readers focus to the center of the page free from distraction. We offer writers multiple text placement options, quotes, images and embeds.

A Mobile First Approach

More Work