A First of It's Kind Sports Betting App

The only sports betting app featuring live-drafts and competitive friend challenges.

The Details

SportsLock is an up and coming startup based in Chicago that has delivered the first sports betting experience that features real-time drafts and competitive friend matches. After raising their initial Seed Round of funding, they brought us in to design their dream and get them to the App Store.

Designing An Immersive Gambling Experience

With the foundation of the product being a gambling experience we had to make sure that users developed a deep trust for the app and also had a constantly pleasant experience. We decided on a light color palette that was comforting and a layout that was easy to understand.

The finished product hit the App Store to much fanfare and quickly catapulted SportsLock to a $5,000,000 Series A round just a few months after launch.

The Finished Product

More Work